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Don’t be a retail putz. All year long! #thanksmas #blackfriday

The righteous remnant is already waving its mighty stick. “Keep stores closed on Thanksgiving!” the remnant cries, “Let those poor people be with their families!” They rail against the opening of stores on the holiest of holy day of Thanksmas. They stand in staunch opposition to it and advertise their vehemence all over the social […]

Detroit is not all vacant warehouse squalor

It’s my good fortune to get to visit Detroit on a biannual basis, and I say that without a shred of sarcasm. Detroit, contrary to everything you read, has pockets of splendor. It’s not a diamond in the rough. It’s more like a diamond that was once immaculate with perfect cut and clarity, but which […]

A short wish list

In no particular order, my wish list, dear Santa: – For the faceless nameless banks who own our Boston real estate to approve our short sale. – For Millennials to use “literally” sparingly & appropriately. – For the cancerous cells attacking someone I deeply love to take a permanent vacation. – For Ryan on “Parenthood” […]