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Celebrating with a thick layer of Funfetti

I don’t know why we celebrate the anniversary of our debuts on earth, except to the end that, Hey. We’ve come a long way, baby. The love of two people; the labor of two legs, or the toil of two forceps. That raisin-faced creature has emerged from her amniotic cocoon. Now she welcomes giftings and attentions on a date over […]

A college professor responds: This American Life #562, #563

The recent two-part This American Life program “The Problem We All Live With” generated a lot of buzz. More than being buzzworthy, though, the investigation offered a real solution to education in America, however difficult it has been and may be to employ. It’s so hard for journalism to not offer a thesis statement in order […]

On being a one car family

We are a family of four with one car. Before I go further, I want to be clear: this is not a thing. This is not a slow cooking movement. This is not the capsule wardrobe gimmick. You will likely not find a One Car Family Ideas board on Pinterest. This is also not a […]