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Whitey, Noise: On #BlackMass and our own bully

Lovey and I ran away from home on Saturday night. The nice neighbor couchsat while our littles slept sweet melatonin-infused dreams. We went to go see “Black Mass,” which is the opposite of a sweet melatonin-infused dream, but which might be core curriculum for anyone who’s ever lived in Boston. Even if you have no investment […]

Let’s all ramble around like Banned Books

All the spiders in Tennessee are the size of the Hamburgler and Michelle Obama is still not my best friend but everything else in life is really good right now. I’m really thankful, in fact. Patti Mayonnaise is returning to Nickelodeon and my hubby loves me and my kids aren’t yet throwing acid glares at […]

How to pick a life partner

I was thinking this weekend when I caught the worst barf bug in the history of barf bugs, Dang. I’m so lucky. I was reminded as I hinged at the waist over that porcelain portal, how once upon a time at 19 years of age, a college boy I was dating would hold my hair back when […]