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Kendraspondence wins her first award #AdventistComm

Thanks to the Society of Adventist Communicators for awarding this here humble blog the “Best in Class” award. I experienced unparalleled bliss in learning of this honor and I am waiting to learn how many other blogs with whom I was honored to compete. I’m guessing none. Which is why I won. Let’s pretend 800 […]

Darby Smart: Oversized Studded Clutch

As part of the nifty perk program of Klout, I received a free DIY kit from those clever folks at Darby Smart. Their company compiles kits with all the ingredients to make a do-it-yourself craft which includes everything from tote bags to monogram coasters to jewelry. As soon as I got that cheerful aqua chevron […]

FAQs for a Keaton Row stylist

I recently launched a side business with Keaton Row and I am having a blast with it. Whenever I start something new, like I change my toothbrush or I decide I just really like roasted beets, the paparazzi and members of the international press race to the scene and overwhelm me with questions, so I […]