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When DJ Tanner sends you a book in the mail

As part of the B&H Bloggers program, I received a free copy Candace Cameron Bure’s latest book. I spent no less than three days laughing every time I saw it on the coffee table, which is where I thought it might have to remain. I could not in good faith review a book that was […]

Author, ready for close-up

Last spring, precisely during the height of the season when I was writing exams and collecting exams and grading exams and generally sitting on my booty for hours on end and practicing peanut M&M therapy on my exam stress, I asked one of my students to take some author photos for me. Net net, it […]

I know why the caged family sings

I bought a new curio cabinet last week from Merchants on Main. It was filled with vintage children’s books. I wanted them, too, but the cabinet I had to have. It was like that puppy at the pound that you know you’ll spend the rest of your life thinking about if you don’t take home. […]