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Behold, a cupcake for my little cupcake. Herein Lovey Loverpants showcases the labor of love, stitched by Auntie Haddy, inspired by Droolicious. I cannot wait for that soft vernix-covered head to emerge so that I may don it with this crocheted cap, inspired by my favorite treat with a shelf life of forty-seven years. You […]

Cherry Party Pie

Since our friend Jane tantalized us shared with us her family’s beloved Cherry Party Pie, reserved in their home for Christmas morning, I have been dreaming about doing cannonball jumps off the side of an Olympic sized pool filled with deep layers of this sweet tart. Jane shared the recipe with me and while I […]

Great Little Salad

Lovey and I will probably forevermore refer to this particular salad as “The Nicole Lake Wedding Salad” based on the sweet memory of our dear friend Nicole’s nuptials where the cuisine was amazing, and the icing on the cake was a pinata. Literally. In lieu of a wedding cake, they had a pinata. This is […]