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There once was a bowl of fluffy salty popcorn… It became perilously perched. Guess what happened next. Um, Mom? Popcorn and consumer restored to more stable positioning. *** On a more serious note, I have felt convicted recently of my poor attitude toward housework, overturned popcorn bowls withstanding.  There is a place to feel defeated […]


I believe that all politics are local. If you want to effect change, you are not going to see it by starting an anti-Palin group on Facebook. You are going to see it by knocking on some doors and having some conversations. I believe abortion is wrong, but I fear for outlawing it – wholly […]

Home of the Brave

I pulled my ballot from the envelope after passing the Vietnamese clerk, the Cambodian registrar, the African-American police officer, and, looking down at my Korean-Irish daughter, the firstborn American citizen on her father’s side, I began to tell her how important it was to vote, and I couldn’t get the words out, I got so […]