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Critiquing by creating: what our world seems to have forgotten how to do

My creative compass rarely points to things that scare the snot out of me. I favor creating things that I sense will make someone smile, that will make an otherwise pedestrian mail day a bit brighter. I create safely. I rarely create to bend rules or write new ones. But when I do, I recoil […]

Coming close

Doing life with brothers and sisters who do not look, smell, sound, vote, spend money, spend time, sing, chew, dress the way we do is highly detrimental to one’s sense of superiority. Residing next to, working and worshiping alongside, breaking bread with them–what a liability that might invite. We must learn to live together as […]

As good as I imagined it: Being recognized

It was as good as I imagined it, friends. A woman came up to me at a restaurant and said, “You look familiar. What’s your Twitter name?” We proceeded to confirm our social media identities. This transaction took place in front of my children, which is important inasmuch as my children, who believe their mother […]