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2016 recap

I like the rhythm of asking myself the same questions over and over again, so here’s the survey I usually do at EOY. 1. What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before? The two biggest newnesses were: a.) Starting a new job in marketing at a private school. b.) Spending Thanksgiving at Tybee. Also […]

Exhaling with a sigh

My old man, who ran for judge as a Republican once in one of the most Democratic counties, kept sighing. He and my stepmom took turns. One would sit down in a reading chair in our rented beach cottage over Thanksgiving and sigh. The other would nod and shrug. Then the other would read something […]

Congratulations, Hillary

My gal pal from college told me about the saddest thing her co-worker brought to work the day after the election, from a watch party the co-worker had hosted. My friend had found it in the break room: a huge (yuge) sheet cake (the biggest). It said Congratulations, Hillary and she knew this because no […]