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Multi-cultural Monday: Holidays + Disappointments

The first in a series on multi-cultural marriage/family It wasn’t until I joined an online group of multi-cultural families that I realized I wasn’t alone. The pain I was harboring over holidays in my multi-cultural marriage was not isolated. So many marriages and families, whether they identify as multi-cultural or not, struggle especially around the […]

Seven feet of invisible snow in New England

The snow was so high and stiffly packed that winter; it was impossible to trudge home from the train without collecting snowflake souvenirs in my boots every night. It was my first full year of living in Boston and the winter was kicking my tail. The sun was still setting at some obscenely early hour, and […]

Way recommending: “Who’s Picking Me Up from the Airport?”

I am an unlikely audience member for Who’s Picking Me Up from the Airport?: And Other Questions Single Girls Ask and for this reason, I read it with great relish. What I hadn’t anticipated is how much I would enjoy it and, moreover, how much I would have needed it! This book is effectively an encouragement […]