Category: Confused Twentysomethings

A Moment of Vanity

A moment of vanity to start the week. And a moment of gratefulness, too. I have a vast catalogue of pictures. Shoeboxes full of ones I took with my 35mm film cam, poorly composed photos in our dimly lit family room, high school dance photos where I could sharpen a pencil with my bony elbow, […]


What is the difference between contentment and complacency? Where does content end and blur into complacent? Am I generally content, or am I deceiving myself and if you listen closely to all of my pep talks, you’ll hear the sound of a silly woman who is just complacent? Hard business this conte-mplacent… I want to […]

28 Candles

If you’ve never witnessed someone learning to crawl, believe me when I tell you that it is full of profundities, symbolism, and chapped little chubby knubs. I’ve been watching and rallying Baby Girl to operate all those gears and levers at the right times MOVE THOSE CHAINS for a few weeks now, and I’m completely […]