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Me Do This Summer

I start back to teaching this week, so I thought I’d glance back LIKE LOT’S WIFE OHHH NOOOO and take stock of how well I managed to complete my summer bucket list. From June 7, 2012: A list of summer must-dos in no particular order: 1. Organize clips + build professional website Here it be! […]


I love my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio like I love watching an old man get up and dance with his wife; the sight is tenuous begging for air support on deck, but in the meantime, your heart just melts as endurance and charm pirouette. *** I love the college town where I spent 3+ years […]

Brief, Sweet, Important

The hairdresser said she was always happy to see me. She told me this today, before I had even had a proper blow-out. She said with a sincere smile, “I’m always happy to see you.” I am a church worker. Trust, I am not her best tipper. Plus, I’ve only been a client for less […]