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A Moment of Vanity

A moment of vanity to start the week. And a moment of gratefulness, too. I have a vast catalogue of pictures. Shoeboxes full of ones I took with my 35mm film cam, poorly composed photos in our dimly lit family room, high school dance photos where I could sharpen a pencil with my bony elbow, […]

Home of the Brave

I pulled my ballot from the envelope after passing the Vietnamese clerk, the Cambodian registrar, the African-American police officer, and, looking down at my Korean-Irish daughter, the firstborn American citizen on her father’s side, I began to tell her how important it was to vote, and I couldn’t get the words out, I got so […]


What is the difference between contentment and complacency? Where does content end and blur into complacent? Am I generally content, or am I deceiving myself and if you listen closely to all of my pep talks, you’ll hear the sound of a silly woman who is just complacent? Hard business this conte-mplacent… I want to […]