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On the way to church on Saturday, I began to feel deflated, like my usually jocund spirits had been pricked with a pin. I knew exactly why. I had to preach and it was the work of the enemy trying to discourage me. The irony is that the sermon I delivered was on the topic […]

Peace and Panda Feet

I found something very valuable, maybe even priceless while I was in Michigan last month. I had lost it by the time I arrived at Logan airport, dizzied by the wicked whir of Boston, stifled by the summer smog. But I’ve been looking for it still. Around my house, in sunny patches of warmth on […]

Withhold Not Good

The title of this post comes from Proverbs 3. I’ve been studying it in my devotions this week. Sometimes I just take it as face value, like it’s some Robert Fulghum sagacity, when really iit’s fit for taking your time to mine out all the wisdom and there are two verses I’ve been trying to […]