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On being a grumpy protester in the Easter pageant

My pastor has asked me to lead a scene in our Easter pageant and I am grumpy about it. It’s not that I don’t like Easter pageants or directing. I’m just ill-equipped to direct this one. Work is kicking my tail, my husband has been traveling, and my kitchen is a revolving door of kindergarten […]

SSC: Don’t bloom where you’re planted

Spare Change for your Sunday: Challenging the wisdom of blooming where we’re planted You may also like10 years an #Adventist 15 for 15 29 Days

What the bank teller noticed

The bank teller said he noticed how I didn’t have a savings account. I said I noticed how he didn’t have any manners. Annnnd I kid. But I’m glad he stopped there. “I also noticed how you don’t own your own house and are really at the age where you should. I know you don’t […]