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Come for the Baby, Stay for the Bath

Baby Girl has been smothered with all manner of affection by Nana Red this week. My mother has assumed the position of Granny Lap and each day, she serves as a soft incubator for Madigan while I am busy getting in my shower before 2p.m. HOT LITTLE LIFE UP IN HEEEYAH! It occurs to me […]

Laws of Motion

I cannot stop crying. The day we left the hospital, the nurse reminded us that our baby would never be like this again. I turned my head to the side as the tears welled up, my lower lip pulled at the corners by two invisible anchors. I wept again right in the middle of the […]

Granny on Board

Since last June when we told my mother (via an “I Love Grandma” bib) she was going to be a granny, she has been riding the crest of a tall wave of glee. I do not think we have had an argument, or even an argumentito in nine months. We are both, as women, my […]