Awkward Hands

Took a gander through the photo archives yesterday and met a girl on Memory Lane who had terrible troubles with her hands. In fact, every time I saw this girl, it was as though she was afflicted with a palsy of awkwardness and could never seem to figure out what to do with her hands in the wake of a camera flashing in her face.

Now, things were not always this way. Once she had moxie. She had pinache with those hands.


But then she just started clenching them and wearing an expression that’s sort of…meh.


Again with the clench and the meh.


Oh look, girl, you’re graduating from the 8th grade! Clench those hands! Look a little more meh why don’tcha!


Oh, or just grab some sausage. That’s not awkward at all.


There is no help for this girl.


Can we draw our eyes to the extreme white knuckle clenching going down pre-sophomore dance?


Oh wait! A glimmer of progress!


Oh, that’s SO MUCH better.


You know. Maybe you should just grab the nearest Korean with those hands and call it a day.


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