Author: kendratheadverb

Zumba Diaries

The New Year’s risk-it-for-the-biscuit mentality had not worn off yet so I walked into the Unknown Class last night at the gym. I might not have been so bold except that the other students in the class didn’t appear to have any of that Fearful Equipment of Specialized Gym Classes whereby you’re never quite sure […]

LinkedIn makes me itch, 2018 has that new car smell, and other thoughts

LinkedIn is still a boxy place full of bosses, former ones and prospective bosses, small boxes to check and boxes into which we must shoehorn our skillset and lop off the quirks that may make us incredibly valuable but may not necessarily be valued. I click and scroll and read and my shoulders feel freighted […]

Facebook Status Cliches Rewritten As Ballad Lyrics for the Oeuvre of the Late Luther Vandross

I. And just like thatJust li-i-i-i-ike that!… I had a seven year-old. II. On this day,…On THIS day. I married my best Myyyy best friend. III. This weekend… was one for was one for was one for the books. IV. I may not postVery oftenBut when I doWhen I-I-I-I-I do It’s to share This Groupon […]