Author: kendratheadverb

Can We Fat Talk?

Can you picture her? The girl in your same grade who constantly asked, “Do you think I look fat?” Maybe she was your best friend or the bane of your existence. Maybe she had the strong core of a ballerina or the strong calves of a star soccer player. Maybe she was rail thin or […]

FamiLee Childcare: A Non-Revisionist History

I was catching up on Kendi Everyday this morning and am belated in my congrats on her new-ish babe. Didn’t even know she had added to her family, so absent from the blogosphere neighborhood have I been. I was interested in her recent post about Overcoming Mom Guilt Whilst Finding a Childcare Solution. I could […]

A year of college now costs as much as a Tesla, and other thoughts

I just want to visit some thoughtfulness upon the latest news of a Connecticut college exceeding the $70K mark on tuition, leading the pricetag pack for the nation. I want to be thoughtful and not just indignant, paralyzed by the sticker shock. Because sticker shock about the cost of higher education is nothing new. Neither […]