Any Excuse to Party

Leave it to the Globe to come up with a headline like “Supply and Demand” in an article on breastfeeding. This one was particularly interesting, though. Did you know that many women are extending the window of opportunity to breastfeed their chilluns? One family featured was hosting a weaning party for their not-yet 5 year-old daughter.

Been noodling this notion around ever since. Inconceivable as it was to me at first, I’m starting to come around. Maybe I am pro-weaning party after all. Of course, I still think this is a little hippie parent stuh-RANGE, the whole idea of a gathering to celebrate your child’s decision to detach from the teet, “Ra-Ra-Ree! No More Mama’s Milk for Me!” The idea of celebrating a major life decision, even that of a child whose other major daily dilemmas are whether or not to pick at the bubble gum encrusted acorn stuck to the sidewalk and whether or not to eat that bubble gum encrusted acorn for a snack, is still cool, though. I say, why not have a non-mammary milk party? There are so many wonderful things in this world to celebrate. So much right with the world that is overlooked in favor of a pity party over whatever is trifling us at the present moment. Woe, Woe is me. Couldn’t find a direct flight to Labadi. Have to take the connector. Le sigh…

So let’s think of some excuses to fiesta, shall we?

Here’s what I got:

1.) A “Yay! I’m going off Prozac Party!” with heaps of placebo uppers including M&Ms, the Beach Boys, and slap bracelets.

2.) A “Woot Woot! Salute!” party for soldiers just back from Iraq replete with war stories, a pin the ‘stache on Saddam, and a variety of physical challenges/obstacle courses including a three-legged race in soldier boots.

3.) A “Yippee-Yaw! I Just Got a Designer Dress for El Cheapo at TJ Maxx” party. Can you guess the requisite attire?

Whatchoo got?


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  • I think more people would show up for the “I’m starting to take Prozac Party!”