Twenty-One for Nothing

1. When I was in the second grade, I drew a picture of my dream adult life in which I was as a single woman who traveled a lot. I was also very tall with long hair. That was my first work of prophetic fiction.
2. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Diehl, was the greatest champion of my writing; I think teaching third grade is one of the highest vocations.
3. I got my first e-mail address when I went to college. I loved sending e-mails like some people love painting their nails or doing yoga.
4. I am a yogi with ADD, so slow-moving classes are a special hell for me.
5. Favorite skincare product: Beautycounter brightening oil.
6. Celebrity crush: Ira Glass (that nerdy voice!)
7. First CD I ever bought: Counting Crows “August and Everything After”
8. I brake for stationery shops.
9. I am always overwhelmed by brunch menus, especially by the decision to go sweet or savory or both.
10. The Friendly’s Reese’s Cup Sundae is still as good as I remember.
11. I have been on one cruise and I hope to never cruise again, unless it is a Disney cruise, which is arguably the most Stuff White People Like thing I’ve ever written.
12. I do not like comedies whose thrust is to make me painfully uncomfortable.
13. J’adore roller coasters and think Cedar Point should be on everyone’s bucket list.
14. A Diet Coke and a box of Cheez-Its is the world’s most perfect snack combo.
15. I have cried in front of more than one boss, more than one time, and I have no regrets.
16. I babysat many, many children during my adolescence and it’s been such fun for me to see them all grow up to become outstanding adults.
17. I was a faithful diarist all through high school, which is one of the best gifts an adolescent person can give to one’s adult self.
18. My sister and my son and I all have hyperventilative, cry-laughs if you tickle our proverbial funny bone hard enough. It’s one of my favorite things to share with other humans to which I’m related.
19. I love poetry and especially try to support women poets whenever possible.
20. I married very well and cannot be persuaded otherwise.
21.  I collect capes, bottle caps, hats, and art supplies.

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