Welcome, you! I’m Kendra. Wife, mother, sister, and daughter of the most High King. I aspire to be that lady who waves to you from the porch of her Craftsman bungalow, looking fabulous in her shawl, rocking to Patty Griffin. Until that time, I will live in my rented non-bungalow with these people:

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We cultivate an artful chaos in Chattanooga, TN, though none of us are native Southerners. I am a daughter of the Mid-West where my big fat Irish family still lives. My hubs, Lovey Loverpants, was born in Canada. He no longer says “aboot” but he does occasionally punctuate sentences with “eh?” Bless.

I do marketing for an all-girls school and write late into the night until my eyes go googley. I surround myself with good-humored people and lots of color, preferably with spangles. I am also into all those cliched first worldy things like essential oils and hot yoga and cold-pressed juice. Oh, and it gets worse. I am trying to become one of those bloggers-turned-published authors. I know. The worst! My non-fiction book, How to Fly a Flag, is represented by Kirkland Media Management.


I have maintained this domain since 2003. This blog is a sanity maintainer and a record keeper of my life. I try to live as authentically as I write; to share the personal while being respectful of privacy. Give a follow @Kendraspondence –let’s become internet friends, like for real.