I know why the caged family sings

I bought a new curio cabinet last week from Merchants on Main. It was filled with vintage children’s books. I wanted them, too, but the cabinet I had to have. It was like that puppy at the pound that you know you’ll spend the rest of your life thinking about if you don’t take home. You’ll just be bypassing the dog food aisle and thinking what if…I tell you that cabinet was just barking politely, not even begging to come home with me. It knew. It knew that it BELONGED at home with me. What? Keep acting like these tacit dialogues with other people’s forsaken furniture in consignment shops DON’T HAPPEN TO YOU.

Forty moneys later and I had totally justified its purchase because organized home! I emptied a big tub full of picture frames that we hadn’t yet found a home for in Tennessee. I was then able to fill said tub with Little Man’s new King of Sodor playset which rawks something fierce if you are into spend your days using the phrase “really useful engine.” I felt like a really useful engine getting to empty one container for another. Home organization for the win.

Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet

Once all the family pix were shelved and displayed, I shut the cabinet doors because I have this strange illusion that just because there are doors on something, it will prevent the collection of dust. Since I like to dust like I enjoy dreaming about reptiles molting all over my bedspread, I try to save myself that chore as much as possible.

Loverpants came home and immediately laughed at the new curio cabinet, because this is what husbands do. You buy something new that totally kicks booty and they notice the one thing that is sort of hilarious and they point that out first. “Our relatives are all caged in there. Did Toni Morrison write that book, too?” Of course he was talking about Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, but we will forgive him because you can’t be right all the time about your black female author trivia.

Now every time I pass by the cabinet, I think about what things my family and friends are saying that I’m trying to muffle. I have to say I have been fortunate in that my parents and siblings are kind in word and deed. They are full of encouragement and are quick to laugh. I tend to choose friends who are brainy and good humored. Rare are the times when I feel as though I need to stuff their words in a cage. Even then, that’s still often all we get. We don’t get to stuff the things we hear throughout our lives in a sealed vault like the ingredients in Coke syrup. We don’t get to compartmentalize them. They seep, they echo, they influence us.

My greatest joy and necessity is writing about what I’m thinking, hoping, dreaming, reflecting upon. I can’t imagine not being able to do that readily and freely. I am glad my words are not caged or boxed or vaulted up; I am glad I am free to peck on this keyboard and figure out whether the cabinet should be open or closed.

Kendraspondence wins her first award #AdventistComm

Thanks to the Society of Adventist Communicators for awarding this here humble blog the “Best in Class” award. I experienced unparalleled bliss in learning of this honor and I am waiting to learn how many other blogs with whom I was honored to compete. I’m guessing none. Which is why I won. Let’s pretend 800 others–that sounds more reasonable, hey?

Once again, thanks from my little ol’ bloggy blog heart.

Let's pretend I'm not awkward enough to take this pic of my award whilst sitting solo at my desk.

Let’s pretend I’m not awkward enough to take this pic of my award whilst sitting solo at my desk.

Darby Smart: Oversized Studded Clutch

As part of the nifty perk program of Klout, I received a free DIY kit from those clever folks at Darby Smart. Their company compiles kits with all the ingredients to make a do-it-yourself craft which includes everything from tote bags to monogram coasters to jewelry. As soon as I got that cheerful aqua chevron patterned box in the mail, I busted that baby open and got to crafting.

Darby Smart


My only confusion was in receiving a kit with supplies for a studded clutch, but with an instructional card for soy candles. I was assured, however, in a prompt and friendly manner by the Darby Smart Tweeps:


The leather clutch itself is a very soft and yummy texture. Great for carrying a kindle and smartphone and headphones or tossing in a magazine or three in lieu of the unfashionable plastic bag (perish the thought!).

Assembling the little studs took me 5-10 minutes and using the fabric glue was very easy. The instructions said to let the studs dry for 24 hours, which I did.

I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for more Darby Smart kits because this was tres fun and having all the items needed all in one place arrive at my doorstep was just the thing for this mama on the go.

Sister, if you are reading this, pretend to look surprised when you receive said gift for Christmas.
darby smart studded clutch

Let’s craft together. Darby Smart delivers simple, stylish DIY to your door. Use ‘howdydarby’ for a $10 gift card.