1 year-old and 30 year-old Bunnies

How is it already Wednesday? And mid-April? When do I get my tax refund? I only have one more month of classes? Who’s writing my thesis? Wait, I have to write it myself? What will I do after graduation? Who will hire me? Can’t I just blog for profit from home and populate the interwebz with pictures of my favorite birthday bunny and wee little bunny as a career???

C’mon, Baby Girl. The hat’s not THAT bad…

Bunny cake for my 30 y.o. Bunny

30 y.o. King for a Day reading his birthday memory book

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  1. Awe, Happy Birthday to your hubby. What a sweet present.

    Your little bunny looked precious in her little hat and coat.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I picked up stamps today, and the letter is going in my mail box tonight for pick up tomorrow. I pray it is received well!

  2. Whenever I look at pictures of my mom as a little girl, she’s always got a hat on, and I always make fun of her. I think it’s because I’m jealous that I never wore a hat. Seeing that hat makes me want to go back in time and wear one even more.

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